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Note: Campus Instructional Computing Labs (BE105, 109) are operated by Instructional Computing (IC).   Please see the Instructional Computing Web site for IC Lab schedule.

Some labs have course material fee or lab fees.  See UCSC course material fees for a complete listing by Dept and Course number.

Advanced Planning

Proposed Schedules

Proposed Schedules issued by

Dept Data Date Schedule

Planning Schedule

Instructional Lab support planning schedule is shown below.  Bold items are deadlines for input.

ActionFall 2010Winter 2011Spring 2011Summer 2011
Approved by Dean        
CLP Meeting -        
Schedule to Registar's office        
Corrected proofs due to Registar's Office        
Lab Fees Due to Greta Gill (registar)        
Instructors - Lab Requirements due to BELS        
BELS - inventory existing material        
BELS - Order additional material & supplies        
BELS - assemble lab kits        
BELS - Computer Master Images Due        
Campus - Prior Quarter End        
BELS/Facilities - Close Labs for turnover/remake        

BELS - Clean/Retool labs,
install new/revised computer images

Campus - Curtailment/Closure        
Campus - Instruction Start        
BELS - Labs ready for use (target)        
BELS - Distribute Course Materials        

* Summer is handled through extension.
Worked on during Winter Quarter, finalized at start of Spring Quarter.
Handled via the advisers and Dept Managers.

link to campus approved lab fee schedule