BSOE Instructional Lab - JBEB Room 104 - Digitial Logic Design Laboratory

  • Maximum Number of Students per Section: 42
  • Recommended Students per Section: 36 or less
  • Number of Lab Stations: 21
  • Lab Stations with Computers (Windows XP): 21

General Description

This is a special class laboratory used for investigation of digital logic circuits, programmable logic circuits (such as FPGA, CPLD, PLDs). Lab is equipped with twenty-one (21) lab benches with nearly identical electronic equipment. Lab access is typically available 24/7 for lab students, unless problems develop with class at which time access becomes restricted to TA attended hours. Student access to lab is via the main entry corridor of Baskin Engineering Building, lab door has an electronic combination lock (Omnilock) installed. Each student is given their own keycode, which must be kept secure from others. Electronic lock tracks access by students.

Lab Safety and Security Rules

1. No Food or Drink is permitted in the lab. The exception is only for sealed water bottles and lunches that must be kept within your backpacks while you are in the lab. This rule is needed to protect expensive equipment and to protect people from ingesting hazardous materials. Often soldering, gluing and other fabrication may take place in the lab. These activities leave small amounts of materials behind which would not be good to ingest.

2. Enrolled students for course only allowed in lab. Do not let other students into lab. Lab is reserved for the exclusive use of students enrolled in the course and for students that have made prior arrangements with BELS and faculty for use of the lab.

3. Do not remove oscilloscope probe tips. Oscilloscope probes are very expensive, sensitive instruments and are not simply clips. Removal of tips often results in probe tip damage or loss. Replacement probes can cost $200 or more. Damages will result in canceling 24/7 lab access, revoking student codes and making lab only available during TA attended lab times.

Course List

Courses that use this lab include: CMPE001, CMPE100L, ENGR50L, CMPE174L,

Lab Equipment & Facilities

Lab Stations
Number of Lab Stations: 21
Each Station consists of the following equipment:

(1) Mulitimeter, Fluke 37
(1) Oscilloscope, Kikusui COS5041, 40 MHz Analog
(NOTE: 12 stations also include a Leader LFG-1300s function generator)
(1) Dell Pentium 4 Computer with 17inch LCD Display
2.26GHz, Pentium 4, 1GB, 266MHZ memory, 80GB ATA/100 Harddrive
CDRW, 250MB Zip, 1.4MB floppy
Networked to the SOELABS Windows 2003 Domain via 100BaseT Connection

Installed software (as of 8/15/2006)

Windows XP with Service Pack 2

CAD/CAE Packages
Matlab 8.0
LabVIEW P.D.S. 8
Cadence (Alegro) SPB 15.2

General Purpose Software

Firefox 1.5
TeraTerm Pro 2.3
MS Office XP Standard
MS Project 2003
MS Visio Pro 2003
MS Visual Studio 6.0
Java Runtime Environment
SSH Secure Shell & FTP Version 3.2.9
Adobe Acrobat 7.0
Windows Media Player 10
Internet Explorer 6.0

Common Equipment

Laserprinter with Dupluxer (HP Laserjet 4050N)
Lockable Cabinet for TA supplies.
One 6ftx4ft woodblock bench.
Spools of 24AWG wire in 6 colors
Wirecutters and Wirestrippers