-- BobVitale? - 20 Aug 2007

Safety Share Notes

To Dos and Status

Status Description Notes
working Freight elevator floor does not align SOERT# - work order requested
?? Develop Personnal Safety equipment complement See notes below

Notes from Weekly Meetings

8/20/07 - BELS Meeting
Christian & Juan - mentioned the freight elevator needs adjustment, floor of elevator does not align with floors (off by several inches). Different when going up & down. When going up the freight elevator floor is too low, when going down the elevator floor is too high. Bob to submit a work request to ask campus facilities to fix.
Bob - found banana peel on stairs, removed to clear hazard. Also asked BELS staff to ensure they have proper safety equipment when entering labs (shoes, safety glasses). Each BELS staff (including students) should have a kit of safety equipment; to include the following:

  • safety glasses
  • yellow hard hat
  • gloves
  • box of dust masks
  • small flashlight