HP tc4200 and tc440 Notebook PC Grant

HP Notebook Computer Grant

Note:  Starting 7/1/11, a checkout fee of $20/quarter will apply to Notebook PCs and tablets checked out to individuals.  This fee does not apply to classroom only use where the tablets/laptops are kept in the lab, classroom or simularium.  Checkout of Notebook PCs/tablets are limited to one quarter at a time and there is a late fee of $20 + $1 for every day late.  Late fee starts 7 days after due date on checkout form.


Checkout and Reservation Policy

(9/22/05 updated 10/17/11) -

Use Guidelines

A. Notebook computers are for use by direct course work, course support work and research only. Personal use of the Notebook computers for other purposes is not permitted.

B. Priority for use of the Notebook computers is for course use by the following faculty who were listed on the Hewlett Packard grant.
*Pohl, Mantey, Mc Dowell, Elkiam, Whitehead and Obraczka*

The first priority is to fulfill HP grant priorities and after that utilization by Engineering faculty in support of innovative course instruction as available.


C. Generally all HP Notebooks are kept in the simularium in the lockable cart and used in the simularium for courses. One Notebook is maintained by BELS staff to conduct timely installs of new images. Instructors using Notebooks in the simularium are responsible for ensuring all Notebooks are returned to the lockable cart, plugged into the rechargers and the cart doors are locked. The lockable cart is kept in the locked room in back of the simularium and is cable locked to a fixed point in the room (not to furniture).


D. Notebook PCs may be checked out for use elsewhere a defined period of time. Notebooks must be returned before the reservation ends even if no one else has a reservation for it. This is to ensure the Notebook is still in possession and is working. Persons checking Notebooks out are responsible for their safe return to the BELS staff. Repairs for broken Notebook PCs or costs for replacing them will be recharged to the person checking it out.


E. Prof Ira Pohl is the lead principal investigator in this grant. As such any disputes pertaining to checkout reservations will be mitigated by him.


F. Reservations for Notebook PCs must be done a minimum of 2 weeks in advance by sending a request to bels-request@soe.ucsc.edu. BELS staff (Bob Vitale, David Meek and Christian Monnet) will evaluate the request using schedule posted here and use guidelines above. That current schedule of use is maintained on this twiki by the BELS staff and is shown below. If use does not conflict with other uses, checkouts or access to the Notebooks are done. If there are conflicts, the BELS staff will seek the guidance of Prof Pohl who will be the final authority in determining appropriate use.

G. Starting 7/1/11; Notebook PCs or Tablets checked out to individuals will incurr a fee of $20 per quarter.  This fee is approved by campus fee committees and Chancellor.  The fee reimburses BSOE for BELS staff costs in administrating the checkouts of Notebook PCs and Tabletsby faculty and students for long term use.  

Single day event use or classroom only use is not billed.  In those events Notebooks are kept in the simularium in the cart and at the start/end of the class session facuty, TAs or staff are responsible for insuring the Notebooks are checked out and returned to the cart.

Reservation Schedules

Current Reservations and Status of Notebook PCs



Historical Documents


Equipment Summary


Below is a summary of equipment that has been received.

The granted products are approved for use by the project participants to execute the project described in the submitted grant proposal. The technology includes:


Faculty Presentation Solution:


  • 1- Wireless HP Tablet PC
  • 1- Tablet docking station and DVD-CDRW optical drive;
  • 1- Portable HP Digital projector


Classroom Solution:


  • 20- Wireless HP tc4200 Tablet PCs;
  • 41- Wireless HP tc4400 Tablet PCs (no Bluetooth);
  • 12- Tablet docking stations and DVD-CDRW optical drive;
  • 3- HP Access Point with wireless card;
  • 3- HP 20 unit Laptop cart;
  • 1- HP All-in-One inkjet printer
  • 1- HP DesignJet? 130gp 24" printer
  • 2- Hitachi LCD Projector
  • digital camera




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