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  • Group Photo Around the Satellite Station:
    Group Photo Around the Satellite Station

  • Operators Copying Field Day Messages:

Operators Copying Field Day Messages

Table of Contents

General Information

Mission Statement

Introduce field day to ham radio newbies thereby giving them the chance to operate during field day where with many other clubs it is more limited. Improve our planning and deployment for field day. Encourage a team effort to the event. Introduce ham radio to UCSC faculty, students staff and visitors who are not ham radio operators.

Dates and Locations

  • Dates: Friday June 23 to Sunday June 24.
  • Times: Setup Friday June 23 starting at 5pm
  • Location site: UCSC East Field, Grassy Knoll at Southern Edge of Playing Fields


Site Coordination

  • Repeater: K6BJ? 146.790MHz Neg split
  • Simplex at Site: 147.540 MHz


Amateur Radio Field day is an exercise where where radio operators take their equipment into the field in simulation of national or local emergency where grid power and perhaps buildings are not available for use. Such situations include disasters such as fires, floods, hurrances, tornadoes, earthquakes and acts of terrorism or war. The purpose is to show that Amateur radio operations can be used to provide civilian communications across broad expanses of the United States and the world when typical forms of communications may not be readily available.

Most participants view "Field Day" as a contest, where the goal is to contact as many participating radio operators throughout the world using voice, morse-code, digital and satellite communications. Although "Field Day" is a contest, the real purpose is to demonstrate to the Federal Government (namely the FCC and Congress) that Amateur Radio plays an important role to National Security and that frequency bands allocated to Amateur Radio need to be protected. Additional purposes are to educate and promote Amateur Radio to the public and to encourage others to become "Hams".

Contest Rules



  • Dean Issacson, Dept Chairs approved via email
  • OPERS event sheet completed and accepted.
  • TAPs provided approval for overnight parking.
  • Fire Dept approved (Asst Chief Trapp)
  • Police Dept approved


Radio Rigs

Running Class 2A
1. HF phone station
  • FT-920, audio mixer, petersen has two Heil headsets + mic
  • Power Supply 40A/12v - petersen has
  • footswitch - petersen
  • BELS has tent

2. CW Station (Morse Code)
CW operators - AE6UF? , N6IL? , AC6P?
  • icom 706, N6Il? has
  • power supply, N6IL? has
  • keyer, 1/4in jack - N6IL?
  • paddles + bencher knoff - AC6P?
  • Tent to be supplied by AE6UF?

3. VHF Satellite Station
IC-821 Radio Tent provided by Petersen

4. Shade Tent outside
Mike Famhie might bring one. Bob ask Heidi McG? if we can use 1 or 2 from the School

Bring more headsets with 2.5mm stereo jack. Bring adapter for 0.25in if you have one.

Lamps, clamp on 12V halagon. Petersen purchasing.


Name email Call Dates/times RF rigs
Dan P danpham@gmail.com KI6ELK? entire time
Petersen petersen@soe.ucsc.edu AC6P? most of time FT-920, IC-821, SatStation?
Mikey   N6IL?   nat pwr system, 2ea Icom 706
Jo   KI6DBA?  
Eric   AE6UF?  
Bob Vitale   KG6MBS? setup Friday afternoon, Saturday am setup, Sunday teardown

Reportly coming
Mike Famie  

Mikey - copying FD Message on RTTY on Friday.

Attendees what to bring

  • Wide-Brimed Hat
  • long sleeve shirts, long sleeve pants
  • coat and gloves, hat for night-time
  • gloves work gloves
  • Blanket for nighttime
  • Tarps for tents at night, keep fog out.
  • flashlights
  • sunscreen
  • bug repellent
  • water bottles
  • food for yourself
  • HT
  • Ice Chests

Contest Points

Possible Points and who/how to get them.

Section What Pts Who / How
7.1.1 voice/phone contract 1/QST HF tent
7.1.2 CW contacts 2/QST CW tent
Bonus Points
7.3.1 100% Emergency Power 100 AC6P? bringing generator
7.3.2 Media Publicity 100 KG6MS? - in UCSC Currents
7.3.3 Public Location 100 thanks OPERS & UCSC
7.3.4 Public Information Table 100 KI6DBA? - developing 3-fold handout
7.3.5 Mess to Section Manager 100 N6IL?
7.3.6 Message Handling 10/msg 100max ??
7.3.7 Satellite QSO 100 AC6P? - satellite tent
7.3.8 Alternate Power 100 N6IL? - 5 contacts on solar/batterys
7.3.9 W1AW? Bulletin: 100 100 N6IL? - RTTD copy on Friday
7.3.10 Non-Traditional Mode Demonstrations 100per, max 300 ??
7.3.11 Site Visit -elected governmental official 100 ??
7.3.12 Site Visit - ARES 100 ??
7.3.13 GOTA 500max not operating a GOTA ?
7.3.14 Web submission 50 submit via web - ??
7.3.15 Youth Participation. 20per <18 yr olds, 100 max need 5 kids to operate & make QSTs

Logistics (what do we have & need)

Radio Gear

General Purpose Stuff

What Who is brining Notes
First Aid Kit Vitale get one from BELS
Fire Extengishers Vitale 3 located in BELS, check with Fire
Large tent Vitale in BELS
Tent petersen Sat Tent
Sledge Hammers Petersen has 1
Sledge Hammers Vitale 1 or 2 in BELS

  • Dean's office providing left-over bottled water + sunscreen packages.


Electrical Power Generation & Distribution

What Who is bringing Notes
Gasoline Powered Generator Petersen, Vesecky who is getting generator from Vesecky - Dan
Fuel tanks Petersen bob to bring 1 5 gal
long extension cords Vitale BELS has several
power strips Vitale BELS has several
Power strips Dan P. via email
UPS systems ?? need to power radios when generators are refilled

Antenna Systems

What Who is bringing Notes
40ft Crank up tower Petersen has 1
10-15 ft mast section Petersen  
multiband dipoles, 10-40m Petersen  
80M dipole petersen needs to be assembled
rope for guys Petersen  
stakes Petersen bunch

need coax cable.

need computers in every tent - total of 3 each. Eric has the logging software. Dan has routers with ethernet cables.


  • VIP - KG6MBS?
  • Sat Operations - AC6P?
  • Publicity bonus - K6GMBS? - DONE already on UCSC calendar
  • information table -KI6DBA

  • FD messge to Section Manager (Kit Blanke, WA6PWW? ); N6IL? , AC6P?
  • Copy FD Message on RTTY (Friday) - N6IL?

Other Field Day Sites

Photos of Field Day 2006

  • Tower Assembly Crew getting briefed by AC6P? :
    Tower Assembly Crew getting briefed by <span class=AC6P? " width="200" height="300" />

  • KI6DBA? & N6IL? enjoying field day activities:
    KI6DBA & <span class=N6IL? enjoying field day activities" width="300" height="200" />
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