-- BobVitale? - 18 May 2007

ILC Meeting Notes 5/18/07
Attending: Ali Shakouri, Bob Vitale

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MEMS Lab Issues:

Joel Kubby needs a location for the MEMS classes next year. This year he was sharing with other classes in BE115 and we had sensitive probe stations setup. Also BE162 has other sensitive equipment that tends to get shoved around by the Sr. Projects students. It seems we might find more appropriate space elsewhere for Sr. Projects than BE162.

Resolution: BE162 will be used next year for EE145 and the MEMS classes. No Sr. Projects in BE162. BELS will find other locations for the Sr. Projects class. This may mean further sharing of other labs (BE104, 111, 113, 115, 150), asking for use of CITRIS space or other space that might be available.

Lab tours not presenting Sr. Projects well

Ali mentioned that students on preview day did not have the opportunity to be exposed to our Sr. Projects. The students who later visited Cal Poly came away with a much more favorable impression of their setup.

Resolutions: We need to find a location to display past Sr. Projects with posters explaining what is happening. We also need to work better with Undergrad advising and outreach staff in training student tour guides in getting Sr. Projects more visablity to prospective Frosh.

Upcoming Purchases & Requests

lack of time to cover. Bob to email Ali & Steve on what items BELS staff feel are needed.

Draft below list of equipment needed for labs. This was not fully veted since we ran out of time.

Priority Quantity Cost Description Status Notes
5 25   Autocad software update for ENGR45    
- ??   various sheetmetal equipment for Honors lab  
- ??   Spectrum Analyzers, w/greater than 2.5GHz BW  
- ??   Spectrum Analyzers, w/greater than 5GHz BW  
- ??   Spectrum Analyzers, w/greater than 18GHz BW  
- ??   500MHz Digitial OScopes  
- ??   Arbitary Waveform Generators,  
- ??   replace lab printers  
- ??   replace benches in BE161 - capacity increase  

  Quantity Cost Completed purchases date Notes
1 32   Digital Multimeters bought & recieved 7/15/06 approved by ILC in 2005, attempted donation, gave up & purchased
2 32   Triple Output DC power supplies bought & recieved 7/15/06 approved by ILC in 2005, attempted donation, gave up & purchased
3 32 1500 Computers for BE115,161,113 bought/received 7/1/06 approved via email
4 43 500ea Computers for Network Lab BE168 bought/received 10/1/06 Smith/Mantey requested
5 1   Poster Printer received 10/1/06 deal with CITRIS

Notes: a. Cadence/OrCAD is paid through June 2008. ILC may need to transfer $2K to cover portion of costs.
b. New Antenna lab (E2-518) coming on-line for next year. Combined research, instructional and Ham Radio club use. Funds for cabling to roof, antennas, tower?
c. Steve Bourdow is again working on Agilent for a donation.
d. Any Spectrum Analyzers requirements
e. Could use more Oscopes for BE115. Cheap scopes for BE104?
f. Sr. Projects lab requirements - poster printer?? Mantey indicated some interest in helping to fund.

Computers: Several labs have systems that are no longer fast enough for what courses are doing. The most complaints come from the networking lab, where we have the oldest systems. Students in courses there are installing linux and building the kernel, which can take some time.

Also, in some instances we have shortages of systems to support Sr Design projects and graduate courses.

Item BE104 BE111 BE113 BE115 BE148 BE150 BE161 BE162 BE168
Computers 0 0 12 ? 0 0 12 ? 40