-- BobVitale? - 26 May 2006

TIM Enterprise Management Cockpit
formally known as ISTM Executive Cockpit

Table of Contents

Enterprise Management Cockpit Summary

(draft - not approved)

About 20 people sitting around a horseshoe table viewing 3-4 displays on a wall. Each person has an individual computer with display as well. The displays are tied back into a switch matrix which is touch screen activated.

Video Conferencing cameras are positioned to allow VTC to take place. VTC should take place over H.232 protocol similar to what is done already in E2-191, 192. It is unknown whether ISDN capabilty is required but we are assuming that ISDN is not. Number of cameras at the cockpit is unknown at this time, but likely two are needed, one for presenter and one for class/meeting attendents.

Systems should be able to communicate with distance learning classroom at SVC

E2 475 Layout

(note room layout updated plan posted 5/24/06).

  • Computers; 10 computers total; 10 on tables in E2-475; 6 moved/will be to SVC. Refer to SOERT#23416 for approvals and details.
  • E2-475 Computers: LAB2-TIM, LAB3-TIM, LAB4-TIM, LAB5-TIM, LAB6-TIM, LAB7-TIM, LAB8-10, LOAB9-10, LAB14-TIM, LAB15-TIM, LAB16-TIM
  • SVC Computers: Lab1-TIM, LAB10-TIM, LAB11-TIM, LAB12-TIM, LAB13-TIM

Problems and Updates

  • TIME2-475 - Discussion and corridation of improvements.

Equipment Listing with Approvals

Equipment Status

Item Quan Budget Description Status
1 6 9,000 Computers, w/19in LCD Cruzbuy Requisition No.2320455
2 1 ?? Video Server initally use one of the computers
3 4 16,000 Projectors, Sharp XG-MB70X recieved in BE16
4 1 3,500 Projector Input Swtich, 16in, 4 out researching
5 ? 1,325 50ft Projector Cables researching
6 1 1,000 Short Height Rack researching
7 ? 10,000 Overhead Projector Mounts researching-submit to Media Services
8 1 18,800 Plasma Touchscreen researching
9 10 12,000 Polycom 8400, phone recieved quote running by MS
10 2 1,200 Polycom ViaVideo? 2 researching

Equipment Specifications

A previous order of 10 workstations was done on SOERT 19526.
Those were Dell GX-280 - Small MiniTowers? . Catalog RC980805
CPU - Penitium 4, 530 (3.00GHZ, 1MHZ, 800MHZ FSB); Memory- 1GB DDR2, non-ECC, 533MHz, 2DIMMS; Dell 19in - 1905FP monitor; Video card - DVI Adapter Card (320-3885); Hard Drive: 160GB SATA 7200RPM w/8MB data burst cache; Floppy: 1.44MB, 3.5in; keyboard; Dell USB keybd, no hot keys


--Option 1: Cost: $1013 each
Dell GX620 MT; P4/630 (3GHZ); 1GB 533Hz Memory, 160GB Drive, 19in LCD monitor

--Option 2: Cost: $1144 each (same as Option 1 with 2GB memory)
TIM-EC-Option2.pdf: TIM Option 2

--Option 3: Cost: $1430 each (dual core, 2GB, better video card)
Dell GX620 MT; P4/830 (3GHz, Dual Core); 2GB 533MHz memory, 250GB Drive, ATI 256MB video card
TIM-EC-Option3.pdf: tim option 3

Prof Yi says to use the low cost option for the lab systems. Increase quanity to reflect budget (e.g. get $9K worth).

Video Server

Prof Yi says to buy an additional workstation or determine what we think should work.

3000 lumins, 1400x1050, Network connection

Projector Input Switch, 16 inputs, 4 outputs, VGA switch, smallest one that allows all computers to connect and display their output on screen

50ft Projector Cables (VGA)

Short Height Rack, need for switch

Overhead Projector Mounts

email sent to Jeff Wagner of Media Services to start things going.

Per Sharp's web site, there various of ceiling adapaters,1068,9,00.html#Mounts

Plasma Touchscreen
  1. Plasma Monitor *Panasonic 65 touch screen" 10000 10,000
  2. Touchscreen Kit *Kit 5000 5,000
  3. Software Software 1000 1,000
  4. Computer Computer 1800 1,800
  5. Wall mount wall mount 1000 1,000 subtotal 18,800
        • estimates as pricing not avail Video/Phone Conference Equipment

Video Conf Equipment, Polycom 8400 with Phone
Spoke with Sheryl Martin-Shultz of Media Services. She indicates that any equipment that does H.323 video conferencing will work with Silicon Valley Center equipment. Media Services preferrs to use Polycom equipment and the 8400 is ok to use. An improvement would be to look at the 8800 which can do data sharing and dual presentation (speaker + presentation to sites). They purchased the VSX7800s, Visual Concert, MP plus, People+Content for Silicon Valley Center.

Polycom was contacted and Ron Inouye provided the following specs for Polycom equipment. A recommendation was made for the following with quote listed below. Pricing shown is via Monterey County's CalSAVE? contract.
  • Polycom VSX8400 with rack mount codec
  • PowerCam? , People+Content for data sharing over video
  • Polycom Soundstation VTX1000, voice conferencing system which can also be used in standalone mode.

Remote Video Conf Equip Polycom ViaVideo? 2 600 1,200
(portable for checkout) for remote hookups from computers

Approval for Equipment Purchase

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Hi Patricia, This is to approve the request of enclosed equipments (estimated to be $75,000+) using SVC equipment funds. This request has been discussed with Bob Vitale and has been developed in cooperation with him. This request has also been discussed with TIM faculty and they have given their approval as well. If there are any questions, please feel free to reach me. thanx,

-- Suresh Lodha Director, TIM

Forwarded message ---------- Date: Sat, 31 Dec 2005 15:51:32 -0800 From: Yi Zhang <> To: 'Suresh Lodha' <> Subject: request for equipments

Hi, Suresh,

Here is the budget estimation for the equipments. The goal of purchasing these equipments is to set up a new facility - the Enterprise Management Cockpit - which will promote the teaching and research of TIM by bringing industry executives and other levels of Silicon Valley firms to UCSC physically or virtually over tel-conferencing. It will also be used as TIM teaching labs. The equipments will be located at E2-475.



Hi, Randy,

Thank you. You are making a very good point. Let's try to improved it. Can you do a modification to open the window side of the rectangular (instead of the long side as shown in OptionH? ) to set the curved lectern and add an extra projection on the window side? This will accommodate 20 persons, and people can see each other as well as the screen.

The general goals are: 1) every one can see each other 2) every one can see all of the screen (For goal 1, there will be two displays of the screens to make sure all (or most) of the people can see all of the screen. One is the long side as you put on the latest design, another is on the window side.) 3) under the above constraint, maximize the nubmer of people.



Yi, Here is a new option based on the changes you request. Keep in mind that the people at either end of the room will not be able to see some or all of the screens.


Yi Zhang wrote:

> Hi, Randy,
> Thank you very much for these nice layouts. Option F is the best. Can you do
> some modification to make it a one layer U shape? This will accommodate 16
> persons, and people can see each other.
> In general, it would be nice to make the room similar to room E2-599, except
> 1) we use a curved lectern in front of the canvas; 2) the room is smaller;
> 3) the computing facilities Bob will set up will be more advanced.
> For the furniture, let's consider standard and cherry wood. If there is any
> extra cost for cherry wood furniture, please give an estimation of it. I
> will present both options and to all ISTM faculty for all of us to make a
> decision which one to choose from.
> Thanks,
> Yi

Yi, Attached are seven alternative layouts for the ISTM Cockpit. They are very preliminary, of course. Options F and G differ only in the shape of the lectern. A curved lectern is probably not within the E2 furniture budget and will likely require additional funding.

One of the most important questions to address is how many people does the room need to accommodate. Ram originally asked for 20. Twenty appears to be do-able, but very tight.

The layouts show the marker boards but not the projection screens, which will be located 6-8" from the wall.

Feel free to suggest entirely different arrangements.

Thanks. Randy

Parts Listing

The below is for rough budget estimating only. More detailed specifications and review of components is required prior to ordering.

Item# Quant Cost ea total Vendor P/N Description Quote
1 4 3753   Dell Video Projectors 1A below
2 4 1539     72in Screens, motorized 1B below
3 1 2450     Whiteboard, horiz sliding 1C below
4 1 5310   Wolfvision document camera, VZ-8plus 1D below
5 1       Codec  
6 1 3000   Dell Display Server estimate
7 1     Polycom VTC System estimate

Individual Workstations
Item# Quant Cost ea total Vendor P/N Description Quote
5 20 1,642   KST/Dell Desktop Computer-OptiplexGX620 2A below


8/31/05 -- Ramakrishna Akella wrote:


Thank you and Yi for the follow through.

As Yi is suggesting, I am providing more details:
  • Randy Porter has a layout design for the Cockpit furniture; this might give a better visual starting point
  • This layout has executives/students sitting around in a horse shoe or oval table (or recatngular arrangement): about 20
  • Each person would have a common screen to view and then project on to 3-4 displays on the walls, and a second that only he/she can use and see - consider a VP of Engineering sharing the end results with others executives an dthe CEO, but running detailed calculations on his liminted domain screen. We need 10-20 of these to start with.
  • We need associated 10-20 desktops or laptops - students can use these for developing code etc., when the cockpit is not being for executives and student teaching
  • We need to ensure that the footprint and communication of all the applications/modules of Oracle, SAP etc. work in our environment (adequacy of RAM etc.)

NASA has two interesting elements you might like to visit and look at:
  1. a HUGE local screen - very convenient in the cockpit context for an individual for viewing multiple windows and connections - used by a budget/legal person Sonia Lau
  2. A touch screen, and a software platform they have developed, including an Oralce database, which they are using for Program Management (I provided the PMT URL in my writeup), to support 10,000 NASA personnel, including knowledge management

  • You also had budgeted several video screen drivers/controllers
  • We need (multiple) viewing panel/screen controls at the Cockpit table/chairs

  • I still need to connect with SAP and Oracle and am waiting for some other call backs in this regard, to obtain more detail
  • Cisco has a cockpit: I am not quite sure what it looks like or whether they will let us see it

  • Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = LabStaffGroup?
  • Set ALLOWTOPICRENAME = LabStaffGroup?

-- BobVitale? - 27 Sep 2005