-- BobVitale? - 02 Feb 2008

Meeting Notes - Jan xx, 2008


Steve Petersen - AC6P?
Bob Vitale - KG6MBS?
Erick Castillo - AE6UF?
Milo (unlicensed)

Items to do

  • Work torwards getting a space for radio shack
  • talk to Virgina about starting a new student group (not part of IEEE)
  • Install Antenna and cables in E2
  • Prepare for field day 2008
  • Get radio equipment
  • Talk with Dean and Faculty about support for radio club
  • start a web, blog, wiki and mailing list
  • Give talk on Amature Radio - Steve Petersen
  • Develop a amateur radio class (Bob, Steve, Erick)
  • Exam Days - get VCs and setup.
  • contact emergency response center (ERC) and see how radio club might help.
  • Outreach Efforts - student groups, UG newletter, dean's message, seminar list, currrents, UCSC PIO wieekly email, fire/police dept interface.