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As of Fall 2015, the ILC membership includes the following:


  • Steve Petersen - Electrical Engineering
  • Gabriel Elkaim - Computer Engineering
  • Kevin Karplus - Biomolecular Engineering  (confirmed for AY15)
  • Jim Whitehead - Computational Media
  • (open) - Computer Science
  • Bob Vitale - Director of Laboratories & Facilities
  • Russ Evans (staff)  Baskin Engineering Lab Support


Past Meeting Minutes


Course Material Fee (CMF) (aka Lab Fees)

Course Material Fees have been recalculated for many courses where parts costs have significantly changed. For details, please see posting listed below.


In general most courses have lab fees that account for the costs of parts & tool kits given to student, consummables left in the lab (wire, solder, drills, glue guns, etc) and lab printing. Lab printing has been calculated by Instructional Computing to be 15 cents per page and BSOE techstaff have recently confirmed that 15 cents/page is a reasonable rate when considering paper, toner and student staff support.