-- BobVitale? - 15 Aug 2007

BELS Lab Plan for 2007-08 Academic Year

Areas of Concern, Need improvements

* Senior Projects Space - there are two overlapping CE/EE123 project courses scheduled for the winter quarter 2008. In addition past use of BE162 for Sr. Projects will not be permitted as MEMS courses will be using that specialized lab.

* Setup and Configuation of BE162 for exclusive use by Materials and MEMS courses (EE145, EE115, EE215).

* BELS student workstations are too old and slow to keep student staff effective (bought in 2000).


* Use BE138 for Sr. Projects.
Can fit 7-10 benches. Purchase 16ea 4 ft Anthro benches (with instrument shelves and PC bay) for BE161. Move twelve 6 ft woodblock from BE161 to BE138 for use by CE/EE123. We can move the ten Dell Precision 420 (Pentium3@933MHz,512MB RAM,40GB HD) workstations that are currently in BE168 to BE138 for student lab use.

* Replacement PCs for BELS staff.
Suprdave recommends purchase of 5 used GX270 with 3Ghz processor, DVD, memory upgrade to 2GB, and HD upgrade to 80GB to match what we are currently using in BE150 and BE161. If we purchase some additional units, we can replace the plotter PC (Dell Dimension T800r - old genome cluster PC), and place a few of them in BE138 with the Precision 420s.