-- BobVitale? - 14 Jan 2006

Network Lab (BE168) Notes

Table of Contents

Technical Details

  1. NetLabRackConfigurations - configurations for the networking lab racks
  2. UCSC-Cisco-Donation.pdf: Entire Cisco Donation from Letter
  3. Anthro04_pricelist_standard_specialty.pdf: Anthro Bench Rack Units Specs & List Pricing
  4. CiscoEquipmentRecieved? - List of Equipment & S/N recieved from Cisco
  5. EducationalLabs.pdf: Marc Mosko's original lab proposal.

Equipment Status

  1. BorrowedNetworkLabEquipment - list of items borrowed from Networks lab and locations

Things to Do

  1. Develop labs for CMPE150 - (Rick, Todd, Jay, Cintia)
  2. Post Past Labs from CMPE150 to Wiki.
  3. Order Cisco Books - Here is the CiscoBookList
  4. Get Windows Installed for BE168 lab.
  5. Develop an overall lab vision; start by using Marc Mosko's notes

Things done

  • setup racks with pods (Bob, Dave^2)
  • Fix Marc's pay status (bob)
  • Power for Desks (bob & suprdave)
  • Install netwk cables for benches (suprdave)
  • get racks (bob & jim)
  • check equipment delivery (bob)
  • find/install a projector system (bob)

Meeting Notes

-- BobVitale? - 11 Aug 2005