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UCSC School of Engineering OptIPuter System - Initial Wiki Site

For use and operational information, please see the CITRIS/ITI webpage at  http://www.iti.ucsc.edu/optiputer
Information below was for initial design and setup of the Optiputer system for BSOE. 


Table of Contents


Personal Contacts

To reserve time on the Opitputer;  please email;  citris-request@soe.ucsc.edu  or contact Tammy Tooley Cheloossi.


Design and Engineering Team

Patrick Mantey
  PI & Director of CITRIS - UCSC
Brad Smith brad@soe.ucsc.edu
831-459-2370 Co-PI
Tammy Tooley-Chelossi ttchelossi@soe.ucsc.edu 831-459-2898 CITRIS Administrative Manager
Bob Vitale
Lab Director - BSOE
Terry Figel
831-459-5646 Computing Director/ITS DL- BSOE
Shawfeng Dong
831-459-3771 Scientist & Cluster Admin
Heidi Sitton
831-459-2690 BSOE Cluster & Linux Admin
Teddy Framhein tedf@soe.ucsc.edu 831-459-5082
CITRIS Student techstaff
  • Location for OptiPortal? - E2-598


Optiportal Wiki Site at UCSD IT2




For the OptiPuter? , the use of 30 inch displays -- gaining many more pixels -- is appealing for scientific visualization and for making a wall of data / images for careful study.

The other objective in that original MEL list was for advanced technology to support experimentation for distance learning. That's why we had codex and other displays in that list.

Today, I believe that would be HD-TV. I'd like to get large (50 inch?) LCD displays and associated equipment to support experimentation with a HD-TV video link between SVC and E2. I'd like to have three or four displays at each end -- to show the instructor, audience presentation material, etc. all at high resolution.


System Questions and Potential Answers


1. What will the system be used for?


Possible uses are for Scientific Visulation of Data (Viz), High Defn Video Teleconferencing (VTC), Development and Relationship building (WoW? ), Scientific Calculations (Cals).


2. Who will be the users of the system?


Potential users are:


Baskin School of Engr - Viz, VTC, WoW?
CITRIS - Viz, WoW? (VTC may be done via HD VTC system - Cisco Teleprence
QB3/CBSE - Viz, WoW? , VTC
UCO Lick - WoW? , Viz
E&MS - Viz, WoW?
Arts - VTC , WoW?


Counting WoW? -6; Viz-5; VTC- 3; Calcs-0


3. What are the most important characteristics of the system?


Display large data sets.


4. What type of computer should we use (rack or desktop)?


A subgroup feels we should go with desktop units as we have a better chance of fitting high end graphics cards. Also the nodes could be re-purposed should additonal funds be made available to upgrade the computers


5. What type of monitor should we use (24" or 30')?


Subgroup in agreement with 30in displays with as high of resolution as possible. 24in displays do not provide sufficient WoW?



6. Monitor Type?


7. Graphics Card type?


IT2 recommends the following graphics cards; Nivida Gforce 8800 (med) or Nivida Quadra FX5600 (high end). Another system did use the less expensive card Nivdia GX-570. The group has settled on the nVidia Quardro FX-570 card as higher end cards may be too expensive for us at this time.


8. How many monitors to drive from each node (2 or 4)?


Subgroup recommended driving 4 monitors from each node. The intent is to add nodes if needed but use current funding to get most band for buck.


9. What are the important specs on the CPU?


CPU Type: Need Quad Core; use dual CPU for head node
CPU Speed: per IT2, 2.6GHz is minimum speed, should get 3GHz or better
Memory: 8 GB minimum for nodes; 16GB for headnode
Harddrive: 250GB for nodes; 1TB for headnode


10. Size of optiportal?


5/13/08: Pat Mantey said 5 high by 8 wide using 30" displays is what he'd like to see. Using 1 node to drive 4 monitors is ok, even if there is a risk of it not working. More computers can be purchased later if necessary.


Bill of Materials


HP LP3065 30-in Widescreen Display Cut Sheet


Type Resolution Brightness Bezzel Width Weight


head only

Screen Opening URL  
HP LP3065 2560 x 1600 300 nits (cd/m2) 24mm 21.8lbs 17.9 x 27.2 x 3.3 in (WxH? ) 25.3 x 15.8 in http://h18000.www1.hp.com/products/quickspecs/12621_na/12621_na.HTML  
Dell 3007 2560 x 1600
300 nits (cd/m2)
?? 25.1lbs 18.5x 27.2 x 7.9 in      


Item Quantity Description PartNumber? Cost Each Cost Total Funds Available Source
1 40 Displays, 30" LCD         E2 MEL
2 10 Computers - no displays         E2 MEL
3 1 Head Node with 2ea LCD Displays          
4 1 Network Switch, 24 ports 10/100/1000          
5 45 Video Cables, DVI, 25ft to 50ft          
6A 1 Frame Assembly - 80/20          
6B 1 Frame Assembly Parts - Mc Master Carr          




- Have inital quote for 80/20 frame material for one column and for all 8 columns. Review to ensure fits HP monitors.


- DVI-D video cables. Determine length required.


- The following equipment for HD VTC add-on have been purchased; HD camera, Codex, noise cancelling mic.