Poster Operations Support Information

Poster Support Information

Important:   BSOE does not own nor control ANY poster easels.   

PBSci 'A-Frame' Poster Stands  (Poster Easels)

A-Frame double-sided poster holders were built and are maintained by PBSci Woodshop. BSOE and other units can reserve and use (subject to availability) but must pay for PBSci Woodshop recharge for delivery setup/removal. There are 15 of these stands.   Reservations are via the PBSci Dean's Office; PBSci has 1st priority on their use. Anyone borrowing them is responsible for the final setup and adjustments.
FOAPAL for delivery recharge is needed

UCSC Receiving Services (inverted T) Poster Stands (Poster Easels)

These lightweight wooden stands stand vertically with an H-like base. Available for rent from UCSC Receiving Services. There likely is a cost to deliver and set up. If windy, recommend putting sandbags on the feet as they can easily blow over. There is a photo of this style of poster easel on the form.
FOAPAL for rental recharge is needed

See Reservation form at:

Receiving Services Contact
Phone 831-459-2354



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