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Poster Stand (Poster Easel) Information

BSOE does not own nor control any poster easels.  Persons seeking to setup a poster event need to plan ahead and reserve easels from available sourses.   As a service to you, two sources of poster stands or poster easels on the UCSC campus are listed below.  Please let us know if you find alternative sources so we can list them for use by other poster event coordinators.  

PBSci 'A-Frame' Poster Stands  (Poster Easels)

A-Frame double-sided poster holders were built and are maintained by PBSci Woodshop.  BSOE and other units can reserve and use (subject to availablity) but need to pay for PBSci Woodshop recharge for delivery setup/removal.  There are 15 of these stands (last confirmed 6/6/14).   Reservations are via the PBSci Dean's Office, PBSci has 1st priority on their use.  Anyone borrowing them is responsible for final setup and adjustments (they are very heavy).

Paula Schneider
Executive Assistant to the PBSci Dean
Phone:  831-459-2931

UCSC Receiving Services (inverted T) Poster Stands (Poster Easels)

See form at:

Formally owned by James Bonney, these light weight wooden stands that stand vertically.  Available for rent from UCSC Receiving Services.  There likely is a cost to deliver and setup.  If windy, recommend putting sand bags on the feet as they can easily blow over.  Receiving says as of 9/1/10 they have about 50 but this number can be less depending upon breakage.  There is a photo of this style of poster easel on the form.


BSOE PVC Poster Holders  (10 each as of 10/23/09)

BSOE facilities has made 10 each vertical poster holders from PVC pipe and pegboard.  These holders are only good for strapping to the E2 railings and via using tall steel stakes, they can be set up on the edges of the E2/JBEB courtyard, where there is dirt using the stakes.

For reservations contact:


Poster Plotter Supply Information

Poster Plotter Paper Types - for BELS HP Poster Printing

HP P/N Size Type Vendor Cost Date
C6030C? 36in wide, 100ft long Heavy-weight coated Palace Office 54.99 3/1/07
C6030C?     Office Max 49.27 3/1/07
C6024A? 36in wide, 100ft long Semigloss Photopaper      
C6977C? 60in wide, 100ft long Heavy-weight coated      
Q1421A? 36 in x 100 ft HP Universal Semi-gloss Photo Paper      
Q1430A? 60 in x 100 ft HP Universal Semi-gloss Photo Paper HP Direct 98.99 8/10/07


Poster Plotter Assessories


C2386A? Spindle Assembly (60-in) C2382A? 128 MB memory module


Poster Printing Recharge Cost Analysis


Poster Sizing

BELS recommends a poster size of 48x36 or 36x48 inches. Smaller size is ok. Our standard roll of paper is 36in wide and policy is to not recharge for posters that adhere to guidelines. Recharge is done for non-standard posters to account for additional time and expense required.

Size (in) Recharge Amount Notes
##in x 36in no charge to BSOE faculty, students and staff only std paper roll is 36wide, recommend poster size is 48x36
48in x 48-60in 7.00 (supplies) + 8.00 (labor) = 15.00 min non-standard paper roll
xxin x 48-60in $15 + $2 for every foot over 48in


Recharge justifications:
extra large size posters: 1/2 hr of BELS student staff time to change paper rolls, align paper, run tests, cost of 60in wide paper is 1.18 per foot not counting tax, shipping, spoilage.

Poster Rush Orders:

BELS student staff print posters when they do not have other lab support work.  The general policy at the start of this service was posters should be submitted with plenty of time for BELS student staff to do review, fix and print the poster without direction away from other duties.  Unfortanetely many poster printing customers do not adhere to this policy and often send in posters late.  This required BELS staff to often drop all other important work or work overtime to complete posters submitted late.  In 2008-09, the number of posters submitted late grew from about 30% to nearly 70%.  During this time, BELS budgeting was reduced in response to budget reductions.  BELS was forced to either no longer take late posters or to charge for the extra cost that late submissions are responsible for. 

In May 2009, Dean's office agreed and Chancellor approved rush fee pricing of BELS poster printing service.  All customers (Dean's office included) now pay rush fees for posters submitted with less than 4 full business days lead time.  Payment can be made from student AIS account or via recharge to a FOPAL.  Posters submitted with more than 4 business days notice from BSOE personnel are still printed without charge.

The poster printing service was never funded by BSOE; the poster plotter was donated by HP.  Plotter paper and ink currently are funded by BELS operation funds but are tracked separately.  If posters

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