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Historical Projects


  • NetworkingLab - Cisco Lab BE168- Discussion Networking Lab Setup & Support
  • FiberLab - BE148 Fiber Optics Lab Notes, remote lab operation
  • SensorLab - CMPE163L? - Discussion of Lab Requirements
  • Under Grad Open Lab - BE140 Honor Society Sponsored Lab
  • RfidTracking - tracking equipment using RFID tags
  • MultiMediaResearchLab - E2-506 was E2-3313
  • BSOEComputerGamingLab - Collaboration area discussing lab requirements
  • SoEPowerHVAC Plan - Planning for Reliability Improvements to Power, Networking and HVAC
  • ISTMExecCockpit - Information System Technology Management Executive Cockpit Project
  • SOEWirelessProject - Wireless Rollout for E2 & Baskin Engineering
  • ProprietaryData - Security of Proprietary Data for various programs
  • OptIPuter - Video Wall System for CITRIS
  • Cisco Network Management and Operations Lab?

    "network systems teaching hospital" where real-world problems and projects are worked on by students and faculty in the School of Engineering. Projects range from the routine (e.g. quality-assurance and release testing of new products) to the advanced (e.g. research into new architectures for network systems). Students, employed as interns, work with faculty researchers on these projects in School of Engineering facilities equipped for the specific needs of the projects.