-- BobVitale? - 31 Jan 2006

RFID Equipment Tagging and Tracking Discussion Site

Interested Parties

  • BobVitale? - SOE Computing and Laboratories
  • Matt Norwood - Media Services
  • Mimi Hill (mimihill@ucsc.edu) - Chancellor's Technical Support Team

Potential Resources

  • NTS - Wireless Access folks (
  • Cisco -

RFID Links and Information

Cisco had two tagging solutions: a. Aeroscout (?) - aimed at semiconductor mask tracking b. PanGo? - aimed at tracking portable hospital equipment (probably more aligned with what we would like)

There appeared to be some nice features about using the RFID/802..11 solution. Since these are beacons, you can track in real-time where equipment is. Software that is used to control the Access Points appears to have features to monitor and track the RFID tags as well.

from Matt Norwood email ---


Sounds like a possible solution. However, would every RFID tag need to have it's own IP address or a DHCP address for detections (could potentially raise some havoc on our network)? Lots of questions along how it captures. But I like the 802.11 concept. I really like the elegance of the idea in theory. That would be ideal.Sounds like a Core Technologies type of service.

However, our initial thinking for Media Services was to use a passive chip with a much shorter range that won't present the same network issues while at the same time allowing for us to go to places and scanned equipment in locked cabinets that are not picked up by Wi-Fi and scan a dozen pieces of equipment in seconds rather than 5 minutes. We have quite a bit of equipment in obscure spaces that will likely not be accessible via Wi-Fi. This solution, therefore, would likely be considered a more "localized" solution, and as such may not be considered a supportable "core service".

There are a couple of hybrid solutions that we've discussed as well, including combining the two using another technology we use called CatLink? to remotely observe our Media Equipment systems remotely in real-time, which presents one IP address per location.

In any case, my overall RFID technical knowledge is sketchy at this point, and I'd like to find out more about what's out there, but I'd be happy to work on this with you. Let's meet sometime. I'm on CruzTime? .