-- BobVitale? - 30 Apr 2007

Gaming Lab Meeting Wiki


A computer gaming lab is to be established for use by undergradauate Sr. Projects students who are completing the Computer Game Design degree.

Meeting Notes

* GameLab060912


Primarily undergraduates students are using this lab. Need access 24/7.


1. Group meetings. 2. Game development stations (10 high end stations). 3. Laptop areas, sofa areas for students to work 4. informal areas to get together. 5. Group study space for to gather socially and play game as a group. 6. Personal game playing space.

consumer grade equipment will suffice, "movie making" equipment is not necessary.

Lab security is going to be needed.

Lab must not look sterile, no high cubical, any partitions should be kept low. Students can put up some of their materials, so corkboards above the desks and workstations are necessary.

earphones for consoles. visual breaks ok...

Location - ideas

  • BE-368, 368A, 368B - was selected by faculty and Dean's office.
  • BE-364 may be allocated for use in the future to accomadate growth.

Design and Equipment

The room will be upgraded for air conditioning, Steelcase to assist with furniture selection and Arts Professor xxx will assist with a new lighting design for room.



HVAC - modifications have been designed and under review by Jim Whitehead.
Costs for HVAC is estimated at $96,000 - CFR#58555

Lighting -Arts Professor

Furniture - Whitehead & Mattasis have reviewed some conceptual futurniture designs from PBI/Steelcase. A visit to the showroom in San Francisco is planned.

Equipment - not entirely identified yet. We know 8 workstations are required, 2 large screens, some gaming stations.


IP Property Concerns

For computer gaming issues, how to deal with IP property issues. Somehow we would like to setup the lab so that the IP is owned by the students who develope it.

Security issues

room should have an omnilock or if in use the E2 promity card. an external door to outside, campus has issues with putting air conditioning Students need 24/7 access.