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Below are updated sections that address laboratory concerns for the January 2006 re-issue of the SOE Academic Plan. The sections are:
  • Technology Requirements
  • Instructional Equipment Replacement

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Current working revision of SOE Academic Planning Document:

Past revision of SOE Academic Planning Document:

Technology Requirements Section

This section provides an overview of future technology requirements of SOE. Some examples include labs, computing, networking and facilites.

Comments on Technology Requirement

Gabriel Hugh Elkaim wrote (12/20/05):
Hi Bob,

I took a read-through and it looks quite good. I have one minor quibble with section 7-C, here is the original text:

C. Outside Shop and Research/Robotic Vehicle Assembly Area SOE faculty have requested work space for larger robotic vehicles. Gabriel Elkheim of the Computer Engineering Dept currently has a robotic sailboat and may receive a robotic land vehicle used in DARPA’s autonomous land vehicle challenge. Shop space to house, assemble and test these vehicles is necessary to continue this research.

I would change this to:

C. Outside Shop and Research/Robotic Vehicle Assembly Area SOE faculty have requested work space for larger laboratory projects that cannot be housed in the current labs, such as robotic vehicles, underwater rovers, uninhabited air vehicles (UAVs), etc. Gabriel Elkaim of the Computer Engineering department currently has robotic sailboat and and has recently received an autonomous ground vehicle that was used in DARPA's Grand Challenge (off-road robotic ground vehicle race across the Nevada desert). Additionally, collaborative efforts within and without of SOE, as well as the 123A/B Capstone design sequences, generate a need for a large, protected space to house these kinds of projects.

Thanks, G.

Instructional Equipment Replacement

Provides an overview of how (mainly) instructional laboratory equipment requirements are funded.

Comments on Instructional Equipment Replacement