-- BobVitale? - 13 Aug 2007

Listing of facilities that SOE has for grant proposal purposes.

Table of Contents

Lab Listing

Instructional Labs

  • BE-104: Logic Design Lab
  • BE-111: Senior Design Projects Lab
  • BE-113: Senior Design Projects Lab
  • BE-115: Electronic Systems and Robotics Lab
  • BE-148: Optics and Laser Lab
  • BE-150: Electronic Circuits Lab
  • BE-161: Electromagnetics and RF Lab
  • BE-162: Electronic Materials & MEMS Instructional Lab
  • BE-168: Computer Networking Lab

Research Labs

Computing Resources

  • Networking - x number of 10/100 network connections - 2 1Gb/s uplinks to UCSC campus network - campus connenction to internet

Administrative Capabilities

Remote Sites

* Silicon Valley Center (SOE/Campus) * Long Marine Laboratory (campus)


* Los Alamos National Labs - contact would be Darrell Long

People Networking

* Former students at Google *