2011-12 Sr Design Project Teams & Locations

Below is a listing of Senior Design Project Teams and Locations


Team Sponsor Faculty & Advisors Room Location Members RTNotes
*Cellphone Detector Applied Signals Munday/Mantey BE-142   Diego Aulet, Lloyd Arthur Llanto Gebremedhin, Jeremy Choivui Chong, Hannah R Johnson, Ethan Papp, Tyler Couto, Brian McNally, Jeff Bertalotto 77045
*Microphone? Corning Munday/Mantey BE-142   Brain Patrick McNally (see above for others, seeking clarification) 77045
*LED Applied Materials Munday/Mantey BE-144   Russell Petersen, Craig Sloan, Julian Dahan, Ryan Baker 77045
*Human Energy Harvest Plantronix Munday/Mantey BE-146   Vincent Harn, Ryan Conway, Christopher Nagy, David Bulnes, Charles Morales 77045
*Oracle Hardware Oracle Munday/Mantey BE-160 cubes against South Wall Peter Murphy, Namwoo Melosh, Collen Clare, Lincol Anderson Thurlow, Airel Sharone Anders, Nathan Trawick Pemberton, 77045
*Oracle Software Oracle Munday/Mantey BE-160 cubes against South Wall  see above 77045
SHEMP CITRIS Munday/Mantey E2-585   Kevin Abas (lead)
David Oda, Nathan Abercrombie, Jason Wu, and Andy Liang.
Pupil Detection *** Pak Chan BE-113 2 benches near Jack's Lounge windows Yohannes Kassa, Chistopher Upton 79615
Audio Acceleration *** Pak Chan BE-111 Outside benches Trevor Seyfried, Tyler Gary, Nick Zipse, Jim Kolling, Joseph Angelo, Palwasha Hashem 79569
FPGA IP Router *** Pak Chan BE-111 Middle Benches David Zou, Matt Luu, Alex Rovnyansky, Simon Tan 79505
3 Phase Motor Controller *** John Vesecky BE-308   Greg Dreisen, Steven Lewis, Peter Turner 80893
Solar Powered Water Pump *** John Vesecky BE-308   Andrew Chase, Bryce Koffler, Calvin Leung, Kyle Von Schmacht 80893
Sun Tracking Solar Power *** John Vesecky BE-310   Matt Felton, Pavit Singh


*TI Biker Safety Texas Instruments John Vesecky & Jian Zhang (TI) BE-113

3 Benches near windows Abdo Babukr, Daniel Tong, Louie Laurente, Paul Jordan, Sam Chisholm 80857
*LANL LANL Scott Brandt & Huahai Yang E2-577   Mark Wagner, David Laone, Shastwat Kandadai, Jacob Curtis 80859
*Google Google Jim Whitehead BE-368  ??   81021
*EBay EBay Scott Brandt & Huahai Yang BE-160 4 cubes near entry Jared Mavis, Brian Nguyen, Maxwell Nash, Maria Arbuzova, Nick Lutz 80859

* SCPI Sponsored Project

(b) may need to share power lab/equipment with EE177L for Winter Quarter.


Sr Design Contacts

Pat Mantey - Faculty in chage of SCPI Program

David Munday - Grad Student, teaching assistant, advising SCPI Teams

Brenna Candelaria  - CITRIS Admin Staff, support for SCPI Sponsored teams.

Pak Chan - Faculty for CMPE123

John Vesecky - Faculty for EE123

Steve Petersen - assisting John Vesecky

BELS - Baskin Engineering Lab support for equipment and material support


Sun Tracking Solar Power *** John Vesecky BE-308   Matt Felton, Pavit Singh 80893