2012-13 Sr Design Project Team Info

Below is a listing of Senior Design Project Teams and Locations


Team Sponsor Faculty & Advisors Room Members RTNotes
 Wind Turbine Health      BE-111    
 AeroBerry      BE-111    
 NASA Challenge      BE-113    
 Autonomous Life Guard      BE-118    
 ACAMP  Hydroponic      BE-308    
 ARS Groundstation    Steve Petersen
 John Vesecky


 PEDL  Goggle    310    
 Oracle Software  Oracle    BE-340    
 Oracle Hardware  Oracle    BE-340    
 Echelon IPV6  Echelon

 Pat Mantey
 Anjun Varma

 Dell Dell Linda Werner  BE-316    
 Xilinx Xilinx Linda Werner  BE-340A    
 NetFlix NetFlix Linda Werner  BE-340B    
 eBay eBay Linda Werner  BE-340B    
 Yaskawa Yaskawa Linda Werner  BE-340B    
 Hybricycle 2      E2-516    
 DSPionage Raytheon    E2-579    
 Ceiling Robot    Gabe Elkaim  E2-585    

* Coportate Sponsored Project

Sr Design Contacts

Pat Mantey - Faculty in chage of Coporate Sponsor Senior Design Program

David Munday cromom@soe.ucsc.edu - Grad Student, teaching assistant, advising SCPI Teams

TAs - Paul Naud pnaud@soe.ucsc.edu  Ethan Pap ethanpapp@gmail.com

Brenna Candelaria  - Admin Staff, support for SCPI Sponsored teams.

BELS - Baskin Engineering Lab support for equipment and material support