2015-16 Senior Design Projects

Below is a listing of Senior Design Project Teams and Locations


Team Sponsor Faculty & Advisors Room Members
U-ROV *** Munday BE-111 Kenneth Chan, Luis Gonzales, Daniel Guillen, Christopher Keh, Tyler Reed
Skatesense *** Munday BE-111 Dylan Del Castillo, Gordon Keller, Ronald Llamado, Kevin Moua, Sajan Patel
VisorNav *** Munday BE-310 Brandon Butler, Luis Langarica, Edmond Lee, Austin Liddicoat
*Altera Altera Munday BE-340 Oscar Guevara, Amy Huang, Aaron Ramirez, Vivian Tong
*Oracle Compression Oracle Munday BE-340 Matthew Deyell, Reynaldo Fajardo, Nirmal Murugesan, Steven Santiago
AR-SDR *** Petersen BE-308 Elizabeth Bohrisch, Catherine Grizzell, Daniel Munoz
*Bolt Bolt Petersen BE-310 Francisco Alvarado, Alexis Bartels, Garrett Deguchi, Bruce Gordon, Zachary Levenberg
*DECT Plantronics Petersen BE-308 Sierra Catelani, Yoo Hwan Cho, Tyler Condon, Felipe Contreras, Matthew Henry, Juliana Hernandez Dealmonte, Maria Hovanessian, Sergio Lopez, Khant Zaw
Slug *** Petersen BE-113 Harry Jackson, Ethan Pinsker, Randal Robinson
*SolarBos SolarBos Petersen BE-113 Alina Armour, Nicholas Di Pietro, Tyler Nepote, Joseph Parsons, Mariette Souppe
Smart Irrigation *** Favalaro/Mantey E2-244 Jessica Alipio, Ian Bloise, Stephen Poirier, Daniel Tran
Tiny House *** Favalaro/Mantey E2-585  Isabel Azcona, Tristan Bodmer, Cameron Braun, Blake Broderick, Cole Cheney, Hung Huynh, Nikhil Jain, Maxfield Krause, Kevin Lee, Kyle Lo, Jose Maravilla, Zidong Tan
Micro Grid *** Favalaro/Mantey BE-316** Majid Barghi, Joseph Ou, Shivam Dave
Glove *** Mantey E2-516 Victor Ardulov, Devin Cody, Kyle Cordes
Quadcopter *** Mantey E2-201 Daniel Lavell, Brandon Luu, Yegeta Zeleke
RRR *** Mantey BE-113  Gabriel Opria, Oliver Rene, Andrew Wu
*Seagate Seagate Mantey BE-340A Justin Bates, Benjamin D'Costa, Lovejit Mundi, Weibin Zhong
Sleeve *** Mantey E2-516 Gary Barrett, Deniel Huynh, John Kolar, Aaron Lee

* SCPI Sponsored Project

** Micro Grid team to be relocated for Spring quarter due to CMPS 116 conflict in BE-316, location TBD


Project Descriptions 

U-ROV:  The aim of this project is to create an underwater drone to perform digital image capturing on its surroundings. Functionally, it was serve the same purpose as a UAV that is able to capture images of large areas of terrain. However, due to the obstruction of water, fully automated underwater vehicles(AUV) are much more pricey to create. To circumvent this we are proposing a remotely operated underwater vehicle(ROV) to map out large areas of underwater locations.

Skatesense: The objective of this project is to create a discrete, multi-sensor based skateboard truck system with connectivity to your mobile device for (a) recognizing and analyzing skateboard tricks (including spin, flip, grab, grind, and slide tricks) and (b) pushing the user data to a cloud for widespread applications. The short-term (SDP timeframe) would entail creating and characterizing the sensor suite, implementing the wireless network, achieving seamless mobile application interactivity, and developing a trick-recognition algorithm with a 3D-modeled recreation feature. In the long-term, the system will contribute to a vast array of applications via the establishment of an online database with potential uses including (but by no means limited to): skateboarding physics game engines, skateboard video game controller capabilities, special skateboarding cinematographic editing enablement, company-targeted “µsponsorships” (product given out for specific tricks or whole sessions), user-to-user style-matched help chats, etc.. The list truly goes on and on.

Visornav: A simple and distraction free navigation system for cyclists.  Design and develop a working prototype of a visor mounted navigation system for bicyclists. Design and implement a working navigation system that pairs with the visor hardware.

Altera: Altera DMA Engine for FPGA Virtualization:  Altera is developing products that pair FPGAs with Intel Xeon CPUs. A critical piece of such a system is a Direct Memory Access engine capable of quickly and securely moving data from CPU memory to FPGA-attached DDR. This project will implement and verify a DMA engine for the Altera FPGA Virtualization project.

Oracle Compression: Oracle Compression Digital Logic For FPGA:  Oracle is in the process of defining a project challenging students to build a high performance computational unit in Verilog. More details will be added to this project as Oracle makes them available.

AR-SDR: Amateur Radio SDR Project:  A design project to add a useable hardware addition to the UCSC Amateur Radio Club station employing SDR DSP technology.

Bolt: Bolt Motorbikes Electronics Design:  Update and overhaul an existing electronic design for Motorbike that will be entering production phase summer 2016.

DECT: The scope of this project is to build a Digital Radio Communication Tester for the DECT (Digital European Coreless Telecommunications) radio frequency bands. This equipment will be replacing the current model which has become obsolete. This mobile radio tester will define the performance levels that Plantronics DECT products will be evaluated by.

Slug: Secure Link UpGrade (S.L.U.G.):  By June 2016, deliver a working encrypted RF communication system meeting the customer’s requirements.  There is interest to upgrade the telemetry and video of existing UAS to incorporate a secure encryption scheme, specifically utilizing AES (Advanced Encryption Standard).  Currently, existing small UAS use “hobby grade” radio frequency (RF) command & control (C2) used by the model aircraft community which are by nature unsecure data links. A secure uplink is necessary to thwart hacking or unauthorized operation of the UAS. There are many reasons to have a secure downlink, whether for privacy reasons or to carry out other sensitive missions. While medium- and large-class UAS have the capacity to carry encryption on board, small-class UAS are often severely limited in the size, weight, and power (SWAP) that can be provided for systems such as these.

SolarBos: We will be completely redesigning a current commercial product called the AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interruption) Board.  This board is dual-purposed. Firstly, it monitors current on solar panels, and uploads it to a cloud through modbus communication. Secondly, it monitors noise in the circuit, and under the right conditions should detect an arc and shut down the circuit (done by turning off a contactor).

Smart Irrigation: A continuation of a 2014 129 project, "Smart Irrigation I". Working with IDEASS students responsible for system level specifications and management, students will be responsible for implementing hardware enhancements and various system features suitable for deployment at various agricultural sites. An aim of this project is modular versatility.

Tiny House: A collaborative project to design and implement a low income, energy efficient residential electrical system for deployment at the first annual tiny home competition in Oct 2016. This project will support and showcase some of the technology being developed at UCSC as a test bed for grid supporting 'Smart' appliances through AC grid-tie and innovative battery management systems and storage.

Micro Grid: Design and construct a laboratory-scale (model) operational AC micro grid laboratory experimental facility, using real (vs. simulated) components on a small (less than 2 KW?) scale. Energy energy sources to include solar (PV and inverter) and controllable generation using fossil fuel (and / or dc motors to simulate fossil fuel motors) driving a generator, which (possibly in combination with an inverter) provide AC 120V 60Hz power to the experiments. Fully instrument the facility.

Glove: Motor Assisted Glove:  Helping patients with limited mobility of fingers regain strength and dexterity with a light weight and durable glove.

Quadcopter: We aim to develop a testbed that will integrate different objectives to form various scenarios including but not limited to package delivery, collision detection, takeoff, and landing.

RRR: Roton Rotary Rocket:  Our goal is to create a prototypical Single Stage Orbit (SSO) Rotary Rocket.

Seagate: Seagate Kinetic Open Storage Enhancement:  Seagate offers an object-based and Ethernet connected storage product, called: Kinetic Open Storage. See: http://www.seagate.com/tech-insights/kinetic-vision-how-seagate-new-developer-tools-meets-the-needs-of-cloud-storage-platforms-master-ti/ 
They suggest a project to expand and extend this product. This includes using flash memory to increase the metadata capacity of this object store, and (/ or) to expand Kinetic to support multiple drives from a single intelligent interface that manages the metadata.

Sleeve: Motor Assisted Sleeve:  Co-project with the Motor Assisted Glove, which aids those with limited mobility to regain strength and dexterity.



Sr Design Contacts

Pat Mantey - CE129 faculty in chage of SCPI Program

David Munday - CE129 instructor advising SCPI Teams

Steve Petersen - EE129 faculty

BELS - Baskin Engineering Lab support for equipment and material support


David Fryauf - BELS TA supporting EE/CE129