Project Engineering Group,

Experience at this point shows student projects in CE/EE 123AB are costing typically $300/project in the absence of external funding. This year there were a dozen projects. The issue is how to fund this cost, combining student, department resources. The $300 figure excludes projects that got significant external funding.

Here is a strawman model that Steve and I concocted based on discussion between Steve, Pat and Cyrus last year.

___________________________________________________________________________ Strawman funding model:

Funding of 123AB projects would be done on the following points:

1. A base amount would be provided to each project, each year of $200 (supplied by CE and EE Departments). This is essentially seed money for the student project. It would also establish a perception of fairness among students in the sense that particular types of projects were not being favored and that student initiative was encouraged by this 'fellowship' awarded on entrance to the class. Estimated cost would be ‰ $2400 total from both departments.

2. A supplemental fund of $1000 would be made available to augment the original $200 with the money being allocated to project groups as matching funds on a competitive basis, taking into project quality and accounting for availability of external funding for particular projects. Instructors would be the decision makers on use of this fund, using applications by project groups.

3. The two points above would set the combined EE and CE department commitment at about $3400 per year spread over about 50 students or $68 per student per year in this course -- probably the most important one in the student's education at SoE? . Comparing this level of funding with the amount spend on graduate student support one sees the cost rather small, compared to the educational value of the projects in 123AB.

Issues arising:

1. Use of lab fees to help pay a portion of the freight in the $3400/year cost to the two departments ___________________________________________________________________________

Can you meet at on Tuesday 2/22/05 for lunch to discuss further?

Regards, John and Steve

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-- BobVitale? - 08 Jul 2005