HP tc4200/tc4400 'Convertible' Notebook Computer Reservations Status

Total Number of Available computers: 60
This includes 20 early tc4200 notebooks with bluetooth and 40 tc4400 notebooks without bluetooth.


Each notebook PC checked out to individuals for non-Simularium use includes the following:
travel battery, AC power adapter, pen with tether, screen protector.


USB DVD/CD-RW Combo Drives are available for check-out upon request.


Each dock checked out includes the following: AC power adapter




Fall 2010   Course: EE080S    Room: E2-180 Simularium     

Times:  Thurs 11:00 - 12:10 ,  Thurs 12:30 - 13:40 ,  Fri 09:30 - 10:40 ,  Fri 11:00 - 12:10


Present Check Out Status:


Notebook PCs:

Machine NameSerial NumberChecked Out ToE-mail AddressOutDueLocation
BELS-Notebook000 CND5170HQ0          in cart
BELS-Notebook001 CND5170HR8          in cart
BELS-Notebook002 CND5170HTT          in cart
BELS-Notebook003 CND5170HV7          in cart
BELS-Notebook004 CND5170HVG          in cart
BELS-Notebook005 CND5170HVY          in cart
BELS-Notebook006 CND5170HW0          in cart
BELS-Notebook007 CND5170HW5          in cart
BELS-Notebook008 CND5170HWF Elkaim, Gabriel elkaim@soe 09-24-08  ?  
BELS-Notebook009 CND5170HWR         in cart
BELS-Notebook010 CND5170HXC         in cart
BELS-Notebook011 CND5170HXG         in cart
BELS-Notebook012 CND5170HXV Elkaim, Gabriel elkaim@soe.ucsc.edu 07-17-07 ?  
BELS-Notebook013 CND5170HXW         in cart
BELS-Notebook014 CND5170HXX Andrea DiBlas


 09-15-08 ?  
BELS-Notebook015 CND5170HXY Jim Whitehead ejw@cs.ucsc.edu 01-17-06 ?  
BELS-Notebookt016 CND5170HY1 ############   #######  ######


BELS-Notebook017 CND5170HY4         in cart
BELS-Notebook018 CND5170HYP         in cart
BELS-Notebook019 CND5170HYQ          in cart
BELS-Notebook020 CND5170HYV Elkaim, Gabriel elkaim@soe.ucsc.edu 09-24-08 ?  

- - -

Computer NameSerial NumberChecked Out ToE-mail AddressOutDueLocation
BELS-Notebook021 CND72327WS Elkaim  (Burr J.) elkaim@soe.ucsc.edu 04-07-08 12-21-08  
BELS-Notebook022 CND72327S1 Elkaim  (Dunne M.) elkaim@soe.ucsc.edu 04-06-11 12-10-11  
BELS-Notebook023 CND72327YW         in cart
BELS-Notebook024 CND72327XQ         in cart
BELS-Notebook025 CND72327Y1 Milutinovic, Dejan dejan@soe 09-30-10 ?    ?
BELS-Notebook026 CND72327WB Vitale, Robert rvitale@soe 12-14-09 ?  ?
BELS-Notebook027 CND72327NL         in cart
BELS-Notebook028 CND72327Z6 McDowell, Charlie
charlie@soe.ucsc.edu 09-14-10  ? in cart
BELS-Notebook029 CND72327Y4         in cart
BELS-Notebook030 CND72327W8         in cart
BELS-Notebook031 CND72327Y0         in cart
BELS-Notebook032 CND72327TR         in cart
BELS-Notebook033 CND72327Y7 Petersen (Harter) dharter@slugmail  02-28-11 06-15-11
BELS-Notebook034 CND72327TT         in cart
BELS-Notebook035 CND72327YH         in cart
BELS-Notebook036 CND72327XF         in cart
BELS-Notebook037 CND72327YX Pang, Alex   11-10-08 ?  
BELS-Notebook038 CND72327X7 McDowell, Charlie charlie@soe.ucsc.edu    ?    
BELS-Notebook039 CND72327QT         BELS
BELS-Notebook040 CND72327ZB Kubby, Joel jkubby@soe.ucsc.edu 01-13-10  ?  
BELS-Notebook041 CND72327F4         in cart
BELS-Notebook042 CND72327XV Bazeghi, Cyrus cyrus@ucsc 03-20-09 12-15-09  
BELS-Notebook043 CND72327P8 Rosen, J. rosen@ucsc 11-25-08 ?  
BELS-Notebook044 CND72327X3 Holloway, Alexandra fire@soe 04-30-08 08-29-09  
BELS-Notebook045 CND72327X4 Wiberg, Don wiberg@soe.ucsc.edu  01-03-11 06-15-11  
BELS-Notebook046 CND72327VS         BELS
BELS-Notebook047 CND72327V7         in cart
BELS-Notebook048 CND72327VD         in cart
BELS-Notebook049 CND7232739 Kidd  (Wells) bkidd@ucsc.edu  09-30-10 12-20-10  
BELS-Notebook050 CND72327VZ         in cart
BELS-Notebook051 CND72327NQ Mantey (Kinman, B.) bkinman@soe  03-01-11  06-15-11 in cart
BELS-Notebook052 CND72327VT          BELS
BELS-Notebook053 CND7232716         in cart
BELS-Notebook054 CND72327NN         in cart
BELS-Notebook055 CND72327VY         in cart
BELS-Notebook056 CND72327RZ Elkaim, Gabriel elkaim@soe.ucsc.edu 09-15-10 ?  
BELS-Notebook057 CND72327WP         in cart  
BELS-Notebook058 CND72327WG Shakouri, E2-595 ali@soe.ucsc.edu     E2-595
BELS-Notebook059 CND72327X9         in cart
BELS-Notebook060 CND72327NJ            ?
BELS-Notebook061 CND72327KP         in cart
BELS-Notebook062 CND72327TV Rosen  (Mednick) rosen@ucsc 07-08-09 08-30-09  



Serial NumberChecked Out ToPresent location
CNU502XDJK? Jim Whitehead  
CNU502XDM8? Gabriel Elkaim  
CNU502XHBD?   Simularium BELS Cabinet box 12 of 15
CNU502XHBH?   Simularium BELS Cabinet box 9 of 15
CNU502XHBN?   Simularium BELS Cabinet box 10 of 15
CNU502XHBW?   Simularium BELS Cabinet box 11 of 15
CNU502XHST?   Simularium BELS Cabinet box 6 of 15
CNU502XHT1?   Simularium BELS Cabinet box 7 of 15
CNU502XHV1?   Simularium BELS Cabinet box 3 of 15
CNU502XHVQ? Gabriel Elkaim  
CNU502XHVV? Andrea DiBlas?  


Misc. Items:

ItemSerial NumberPresent Location
Officejet 6210 All - in - One Printer CN51VCE0R0? Simularium BELS Cabinet Box 13 of 15
USB Cable 2.0, A to B, 3 meter   Simularium BELS Cabinet Box 15 of 15
Smart Module MP3130 TWC4140023 Simularium BELS Cabinet Box 15 of 15
Photosmart M307XI? Digital Camera CN4AC62F9M? Simularium BELS Cabinet Box 15 of 15
Digital Projector MP3135 TWC5087093 Techstaff BE310
Digital Projector Hitachi LCD x444   BELS cabinet
Digital Projector Hitachi LCD x444   BELS cabinet


Cart Key Issued to:

# Assigned To:
  Charlie McDowell?
  Bob Vitale
3 Jeremy Richards
4 BELS Key Locker



2008 Requests & Actions


Historical Checkout Information


TableHistorialCheckoutSchedules - Past quarter checkouts and returns - move text here when done


NOTE 1: Tracy Larrabee returned tablet #16 on 8/16/2006, however she retained possession of the Blue Tooth headset until further notice.


In addition, this unit was dropped and the case and lid suffered damage, plus she retained the tether for her new tablet PC.


NOTE 2: Unit 10 returned to BELS on 10/18/2006 with complaints of the screen going blank. Tested okay, returned to service to see if problem resurfaces.


2007 Requests


  • Charlie McDowell? -


What is the status of the new shipment of HP tablets? What about the old ones? I need to get at least the old ones ready for use, no later than October 5th,


although sooner would be better. I believe the only software I need loaded special is eclipse and the latest Java. If you give me a clean tablet I will add the extras and return it.


  • Bill Dunbar - seeks to use in simularium for CE08, must have Matlab installed.


2006 Requests


  • Gabriel Elkaim 8/14/06

Request 3 for Fall
Request 3 for Winter
I'd like to reserve 3 for the fall. And again 3 for the winter. If I can set up in the Winter to use the Simularium, I'd like to try the interactive slides.


-- Gabriel H. Elkaim

  • NOTE: Gabriel has volunteered to relinquish one of his reservations for Andrea DiBlas? . Andrea will need it for Fall and Winter quarters.


-Dave Van Unen 9/21/06


  • Ira Pohl


i assume the procedure remains the same - classroom use has a priority over other uses - 12a - has a high priority - and we take all requests - and do an


allocation before the quarter;


since the hp follow on grant did not happen - i assume we should aim at enhancing our use within the simularium;


possible we should give the center for teaching - some support in training faculty in their use - provided the faculty have purchased a tablet - continue


to spread the gospel. -- ira


  • Charlie McDowell? 8/14/06

I would like to reserve all not otherwise allocated tablets for use in the simularium MWF 9-11. I need at least 5.







  • 9/16/06 update - Tracey Larrabee mentioned on 9/15/05 at faculty retreat using simulurium for CMPE12L? and using tablets.
  • Unknows how many she wants to use or if she just wants to check one out for herself.


Summer 2006 Notebook Checkout Schedule

Dates/Quarter ## Who Using Where Schedule Notes
August 9-Sept.1 5 James Davis Off Campus    


Fall 2005 Notebook Checkout Schedule

Dates/Quarter ## Who Using Where Schedule Notes
Fall 05 1 McDowell? portable 24/7 cancel if using Toshiba from Pohl
Fall 05 14 McDowell? Simularium MWF 3:30-4:40 CMPE12a
Fall 05 3 Elkaim ?? ?? CMPE240
Fall 05 1 Elkaim Portable ?? Course support - CE240
Fall 05 1 Larrabee Portable ?? Course Development


notes and emails ====


Total Number of Available Notebooks: 60
This includes 20 early Notebooks with bluetooth and 40 newer ones without bluetooth.
1 Notebook of each remains in BELS to do imaging


Each Notebook PC checked out to individuals for non-Simularium use includes the following:
travel battery, AC power adapter, pen with tether, screen protector.


USB DVD/CD-RW Combo Drives are available for check-out upon request.


Each dock checked out includes the following: AC power adapter