Instructional Lab Support for Baskin School of Engineering

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How to Get Help

What we do

  • Setup and maintain specialized instructional labs for Jack Baskin School of Engineering (BSOE).  These labs typically provide specialized hardware-level support for undergraduate courses.   
  • Operate a Parts Stock Room for BSOE Faculty and Students (purchase via recharge or student misc fee)
  • Print posters for BSOE students, faculty, and staff
  • Operate the Microsoft Imagine Service for BSOE Students and Faculty
  • Provide research lab support (for recharge).
  • Provide research lab design assistance (for recharge).
  • Supplement and assist BSOE facilities, BSOE/ITS tech staff as needed.
  • BSOE receiving services is located in Room BE-40.


BELS is generally staffed from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday - Friday.
Student sales hours at the parts window are generally 1 pm to 5 pm, Monday - Friday.


The BELS parts stockroom is located in the basement of the Baskin Engineering Building in room BE-40. BE-40 is across the hall from the PBSci Machine Shop at the west end of the building. BELS engineering staff are located in room BE-66.

Staff Contacts

Please, e-mail unless you have an emergency!
Avoid e-mailing individual staff directly with requests; please use our ticket system so that the entire group gets your request, and we can track and monitor results.

BELS Manager

Russell Evans
Baskin Engineering Lab Support (BELS) Manager

Baskin Engineering, Room 234
M-F 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
BELS Engineer

Devin Gayne Riley
BELS Teaching Lab Engineer

Room 66
9AM to 6PM

EE providing assistance with:
· Project design:
   · PCB design to fab (Altium, Allegro)
   · component and material selection
   · basic circuit design/changes
   · distributed control, integration, wiring & programming
   · mechanical configuration, packaging
· PCB SMD rework
· electro/mechanical troubleshooting & repair
· mech CAD drawings & edits (AutoCAD)
· machine shop tool use & metal bonding

Stockroom & Receiving
JBEB Room 40
Gregorio Martinez


Grad Student
Lab Support

Sarah Ghasemi

Grad Student
Lab Support

Xi Luo

Student Staff
JBEB Room 40

Simeranpreet Kauer
Student Staff
JBEB Room 40

Zachery Bethel

Student Staff
JBEB Room 40

Zane Bzeih

Student Staff
JBEB Room 40