BELS Help - How to Get

Need help? Create a ticket by emailing

If you are having an issue, please send an email request to
In your email, please include the room number, workstation bench number, and problem description with as much detail as possible as to what is wrong or what has occurred.

BELS Demo's and How-To's

Analog Discovery 2: AD2 Tutorial Playlist

ADALM2000: ADALM2000 Tutorial Playlist

OpenScope MZ: OpenScope MZ Tutorial Playlist

BELS Lab Computer Logins (Microsoft Windows)
All computers in the BELS labs accept student UCSC logins under the Windows Active Directory ITS customer relationship management (ADCRM) domain. To log in, make sure you are logging in under the ADCRM Active Directory.

Microsoft Software
Please, read the guidelines and signup for a Microsoft Imagine account via this web form.

Poster Printing
Please read the guidelines and submit your poster.

Building/Facilities Issues
Please refer to the BSOE Facilities web page for facility-related issues.
In general, you should send an email to

Returning Loaned Equipment
See your options on returning loaned equipment.

Refer to the Delivery/Receiving Page if notified of a package, then come to JBEB Room 40 & pick up your package.