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Before submitting, be sure you are using the latest Baskin Engineering logos.

Baskin Engineering Logos, Colors, and Fonts



'Standard Poster Size' (48x36) Printing Costs with Fees for Late Submission (Rush Order Fee)

Posters submitted with less than four FULL (see below) business days lead time will incur a rush fee. Please submit your poster with as much lead time as possible; it is cheaper for you and less of a strain on our resources. Everybody wins!
The prices below are for a standard poster. A typical poster does not exceed 48 inches on any side.
$41 - More than four FULL business days lead time; $41 per poster
$54 - Less than four FULL business days lead time; $41 + $13 rush fee
$68 - Less than two FULL business days lead time; $41 + $27 rush fee
$110 - Less than one FULL business day lead time; $41 + $69 rush fee
Reprint fees - total price for the new poster - posters that require reprinting due to your typo or change. There is no charge if the error is due to a printing error.
Please get in touch with us for a quote before submitting a poster over 48 inches on any side.

Fees are either paid by automated billing to the student AIS account or RECHARGE to a faculty or department FOAPAL. If recharge, you need to know who has signature authority on the billed account (typically the PI/Manager). Billing is done electronically by auto-posting in AIS or by electronic approval/routing in the campus recharge system. BELS does not take any other form of payment.

A FULL business day is 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday. Thus, submitting your poster after 9 a.m. is no longer a FULL business day. Weekends and campus holidays also do not count as business days. We recommend submitting all posters electronically with at least five FULL business days lead time.

Rush fees are calculated based on when the final version of a poster is submitted. For posters that require additional work to print correctly, the clock starts when you provide the last revised poster.

RUSH FEES often cannot be charged to a FOAPAL, and students might need to pay rush fees themselves, even when using a FOAPAL to pay the basic printing fee. Be sure to ask your Tier 1 approver if they will cover any rush fees associated with your poster submission. Please do not assume they will, but verify that they are willing to cover these fees.

Poster Printing Policy

  • Our poster printing services are available to all UCSC students, staff, and faculty. However, priority is given to those associated with Baskin Engineering. That said, we can usually accommodate everyone if you are not in a rush.
  • Posters larger than 48 inches in any dimension incur an additional fee.
  • All posters are assumed appropriate for display in any UCSC physical area. That is, the content is consistent with the values and mission of UCSC and our Principles of Community.
  • Posters that do not conform to these guidelines may not be printed at our discretion.

Poster Printing Procedures

  1. You must submit your poster as a PDF file
  2. Oversized posters, which exceed 48 inches on a side incur an extra fee. Please email us at for a quote before submitting a poster over 48 inches on any side.
  3. Avoid using dark backgrounds, which can cause the paper to blister/boil.
  4. Ensure the file you submit is not larger than 20MB; otherwise, the web input form will reject it. If the file is 20MB or more, contact us, and we will arrange an alternative method to send us your file.
  5. All posters sent to BELS may be retained in our electronic files, and additional copies later printed for display in the halls and rooms of the Baskin School of Engineering. BELS does not guarantee that a record or backup copy will be maintained - so be sure you keep a copy.
  6. Our standard poster size is 48 x 36 in (orientation does not matter). We can accommodate larger posters up to the smallest side not exceeding 42 inches; however, there are oversize fees, so it might be best to contact us before submission so we can quote you a price. 


  7. Please email us at for help or questions.

Poster Design Guidelines

Note: Failure to follow IMPORTANT guidelines may result in your poster not being printed and returned to you for repair, which may result in delays in printing your poster. Failure to follow recommended guidelines may result in poor-quality posters or delays in printing.

Software For Designing Posters: IMPORTANT

  • File submission should be as a PDF file. 

Powerpoint Setup Instructions & Tips

  1. In PowerPoint, create a new blank presentation. Because Microsoft often keeps extra information on a file, we recommend starting with a *new* blank presentation & copying elements to it from existing slides.
  2. Re-size the slide to match your desired poster size. File -> Page Setup;. Select slide size for Custom and change the measurements to the size of your poster (for example, 48in x 36in). Once you have set these sizes, you can put images right up to the edge of your document.
  3. Select the autoscale feature on your print driver dialog box when printing to a local laser printer, and you want the entire slide.

Fonts and Symbols: IMPORTANT

  • We recommend using standard fonts and symbols. Fonts or symbols not present on BELS computers may impact your poster prints.

Warning on Background Colors and Watermarks: IMPORTANT

Use a white background for your poster when possible. Avoid using background colors for the poster; small areas highlighting specific details are okay. If using a watermark, ensure it is light and will not interfere with the information on your poster. 

UC Santa Cruz - Editorial Style Guide

The UCSC style guide provides the official version of how various entities should be referred. This is useful for consistency in delivering information to all.

Baskin Engineering - Style Guide (Logos, Colors, and Fonts)

The Baskin Engineering style guide provides the official version of fonts, colors, and logos. This is useful for consistency in delivering information to all.

Posting Printing Alternatives

Fed-Ex Office Print Center - Downtown Santa Cruz

FedEx Office Print Center
712 River Street
(Shopping Center with Trader Joe's and CVS)
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 425-1177

Poster Support Information (Baskin Engineering does not own or control ANY poster easels)

Contact UCSC Receiving Services to rent poster easels for your event.

See the Reservation form at:

Receiving Services Contact
Phone 831-459-3888