3D Printing Request

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Please fill out the form below to request a 3D print quote.  Once you approve the quote, we will be happy to print the item for you. 

Our 3D printer prints structures with supports attached to reduce print failures. We kindly ask that you remove these supports yourselves in order to obtain full satisfaction with the prints. You can check the detail about the supports by this link: https://support.formlabs.com/s/article/How-supports-work-in-SLA-printing?language=en_US

Size limit: 145mm*145mm*167mm

Price of print is $0.29/ml of resin used + $12 setup fee.

PLEASE NOTE: file sizes cannot be bigger than roughly 1.5 MB. Any larger, and you will need to email us directly with a support ticket (bsoe-bels@rt.ucsc.edu) in order to proceed with the print.

Suggestions for reducing your .stl file size via Prof. Karplus: The following website has an .stl simplifier that will reduce the number of vertices in your stl file algorithmically, thus reducing the file size:


BE WARNED, you must check your file after the simplification to make sure that the model is still useable.