Microcontroller Development Kit Info

CMPE13L and CMPE167L use a microcontroller programming development kit. Students have a number of ways to get access to a kit and it is up to the student to determine what works best for them.

Some options are:

Option A:   Buy & build a kit yourself (do it yourself).
Option B:   Share a kit with a friend.
Option C:   Checkout a kit from BELS for non-refundable checkout fee (kit must be returned on time)
Option D:   Purchase a kit from BELS for a fee.

Students who check out the kit from BELS must return the kit in good working condition to BELS in Baskin Engineering Room 40 or Room 66 no later than the end of finals week.  BELS will also sell or rent kits to researchers or students for personal use if supply allows. Students who fail to return the kit by the due date listed below will be billed for the full cost of the kit ($150) in addition to the checkout fee.

Note:  Kits that are checked out will need to be returned by the date listed below or your UCSC account will be billed an additional $150 for the full replacement cost of the kit.  Total cost for kits not returned is $180 ( checkout fee of $30 plus purchase fee of $150).

Spring 2019 CMPE13L  
       Return Kit by Friday, June 14, 2018
       Request Purchase by Monday, June 3, 2018


 ========= Purchase After Checkout Option  =========

After checking out the kit, many students find they want to now keep it. The kit is sold for $150 however, for students who have that quarter checked out the kit, BELS offers a limited time purchase opportunity where your checkout fee ($30) is credited to the purchase fee. Upgrading your checkout fee to a purchase must be made by deadlines listed above. Thus for an additional $120 (total cost is $150; consisting of $30 for the initial checkout and $120 upgrade fee) you can keep the kit.

========= Purchase After Checkout Option Instructions  =========
If you wish to purchase the CMPE13 Microcontroller Development Kit, please send an email as instructed below.

to: bels-request@ucsc.edu
Subject Line: CMPE13L Kit Checkout to Purchase Upgrade - (quarter - Year)
Message: State your name, CruzID, kit serial number and desire to purchase the kit for an additional $120.

For a checkout to purchase an upgrade, BELS will enter the kit sale (at $120) into the online miscellaneous parts sales system. You will need to login to our miscellaneous fees system & approve the order online at https://miscfee.soe.ucsc.edu.
These instructions should be emailed to you as well. 

In summary; kit options are:

1. Do nothing and NOT return kit by deadlines listed for your quarter -NOT RECOMMENDED
Your student account will additionally be charged the full
$150 replacement fee ($180 total cost to you)

2. Return the kit by deadlines listed for your quarter
The only charge is the initial checkout fee of $30 that you have already
incurred on your account.

3. Request Checkout Fee to Purchase Upgrade.
The student must make a request by the deadline listed above:
Email bels-request@ucsc.edu
that you wish to keep your kit and apply the checkout fee
towards its purchase cost.

Should you have any questions, please stop by BELS in BE-40 or BE-66 and speak with
BELS Engineers Russell Evans or Christian Monnet.