FY2014-15 BELS Student Miscellanous Fee List

Below are the BELS Miscellanous Fees for Academic Year 2014-15


Description Rate Code Notes
BELS Stockroom/Supplies/Sales      
BELS Parts Sales 15% Markup 40 Parts are sold to students with 15% markup over what BELS pays to stock room expenses such as part loss, breakage, obsolence.

BELS Stockroom Account Fee
(applied once per Quarter per student account for parts purchased)

 $ 5.00 160 This is a student 'tab' fee to cover administrative expenses in billing the student account.  Normally applied one time per quarter for a parts ordering sheet.
Equipment / Rentals      
 BSOE/ BELS Lab locker Rental Student (per quarter) $ 5.50 50  
BELS Equpment Checkout/Rental
(per quarter)
* CE12/13 Kit Checkouts
* Tablet PC checkout
$ 30.00 220 Equipment is checked out to students with faculty sponsorship.  Students are also responsible for loss or damage.
See CMPE12/13 Kit Page for student options regarding checkout and/or purchase of lab kit.

BELS Equipment Return, late Return Fee
($22 + $1/day late with 5 business days grace period)

$ 22.00 230  
Machine Shop (in conjunction with PBSci)      
 BSOE/BELS Machine Shop Training $ 50.00 80 Rate is heavily subidized by BSOE Dean's office.  This is subject to course offering by PBSci Machine Shop and funding by BSOE Dean or BSOE Dept/Program.

 BSOE/BELS Machine Shop Assistance
(per hour)

$ 75.00 90 This is a pass-through charge from PBSci Machine Shop recharge and subject to change depending upon approved recharge rates from PBSci Machine Shop.
Poster Printing     Poster printing charges are automatically billed
to student's UCSC account via the BELS Poster Printing Submission web page.
BSOE/BELS Poster Printing Fee $ 35.00 200  
BSOE/BELS Poster Rush order <4 days notice $ 11.00 110  in addition to the poster printing fee

BSOE/BELS Poster Rush order <2 day notice

$ 22.00 120  in addition to the poster printing fee
BSOE/BELS Poster Rush order <1 day notice $ 57.00 130  in addition to the poster printing fee
BELS Services      

Lab Access
(per quarter)

$ 57.00 100

Quarterly rate for students not enrolled
in the lab course scheduled for the lab,
typically students doing special projects or research work

Lab Damage Breakage $ 1,000 170 Actual Cost plus administratative expenses, on case by case basis.
Software Account Setup $ 5.00 180  MSDNAA, Apple account mangement

Temporary Network Tap Activation
(per Tap)

$ 20.00 190  
Student Owned Computer Config/Repair Fee $ 40.00 210  non guarantee repairs by BELS student staff

FY15 Fee changes from FY14
Lab Access Campus ($54/qrt to $57/qrt); 
Poster Printing 1 day Rush Fee ($54 to $57).